Fianaturals Jewelry by Fia on

I create  Ecofriendly afrocentrist jewelry full of colors because it’s part of me.I’ve always been attracted to beads since childhood.Blue eye glass seed Necklace

I use recycled glass from Krobo region,Ghana,Mali Wedding glass drop beads,Cowrie shells,Seeds(Entada Gigas and Coffee Seeds and many others…),wood and many reused metal parts from old jewelry.

I try to make my packaging Ecofriendly too by using tissue paper and fabric ribbon.

I have an MFA and I’ve been painting for almost 10 years.

I use oil on canvas,mixed media like sand,raffia,recycled metal parts,calabash,dried leaves and seeds.

The creation of my shop on Etsy came naturally after i decided to make a business of something i love to do.

I’ve been also gardening for 4 years in a community garden in Crown heights Brooklyn.I learned a lot about organic gardening.

We have butterfly attracting plants,bees,chickens,wild doves,squirrels,flowers,beautiful mulberry huge trees and raised bed for  growing vegetables.

check out my creations at:


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