Canavalia Maritima: African seed

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Canavalia Maritima is a tropical seed coming from a shrub.
It grows on the seafront in the sand in the area rarely flooded by the sea.
It is called pig vine,beach bean,pois bord de mer,pois sabre,baybean.
The color of the seed varies from light brown to dark brown.
It is resistant to seawater.
The shrub that gives us those beautiful seeds produces also pink to purplish flowers.
The leaves of some varieties are used for their psychotropic properties.

Ntama Coumba:a beautiful african seed

Ntama Coumba is an african seed that i use a lot in my jewelry.
I like to use it my necklaces as a spacer because of its flat and oval shape.
Dark brown i like the way it contrasts with my glass beads or metal beads.
I found very little information about the origin of the seed.
If someone know from what tree it comes from please contact me :
i would love to learn more about those seeds!

African Raffia :beautiful seeds from palm tree

Vegetable ivory is the white dried endosperm of some palm seeds.

One of them is called Tagua nut or Corosso and is from the palm tree called Phytelephas Macrocarpa or Ecuatorialis that grows only in the amazonian rainforest(Brazil,Peru and Panama).
In Micronesia and South Pacific, another type of ivory palm grows: Metroxylon Amicorum,the Caroline
Ivory nut palm.

Hyphaene Ventricosa is the palm tree that provides another source of vegetable ivory in Africa.
Hyphaene Ventricosa,Itala Palm or Vegetable Ivory:
Striking large palm reaching about 15m to 20 m in height,stem is un-branched and bears a large crown of fan shaped leaves: fruits are born in cluster on female trees and are round,brown balls,slightly larger than a golf ball:the tree is usually set back from the water’s edge or in proximity to subterranean water.

the nuts of this palm have a sweet and juicy outer pulp which reminds some consumers of Palm nut is the big beige and brown seedgingerbread,leading to the common name of gingerbread palm.
Many traditionally carved products in Africa & South America are made with nuts from ivory palm,because they are a renewable resource.
In Africa,carvers who have traditionally worked with ivory of elephant origin have turned to the ivory palm to create beautiful traditional craft while preserving their elephant populations.

The seeds that i use in my jewelry are from Raffia farinifera palm tree native from
East Africa.The pericarp of the fruit is ovoid with colored mahogany with glazed nested shells.
The fruit itself looks like a pine cone and i’m sure it will make a beautiful natural holiday decoration.