Hi welcome to my blog.
I would like to share with you how i started my craft.
After my MFA,i decided to start painting.
I’ve been been painting for almost 10 years now ,oil on canvas,mixing materials
like sand,raffia,recycled metal,calabash(african gourd),dried leaves and seeds.
I’ve always been attracted to beads and natural jewelry.

The creation of my Etsy shop came naturally after i decided to make a business
of something i love to do and keep artistic creation at the center of my new activity.
My ecofriendly jewelry is unique:each piece is made only once!

It’s ecofriendly because of the materials i use:
seeds from West Africa,recycled glass from Ghana,handmade brass beads from Africa and upcycled findings
from old jewelry.
I also use natural stones,shells and wood.

For the holiday season i have an ecofriendly gift wrapping using a beautiful African batik from Benin,african seeds and raffia.
Less waste because it’s reusable and beautiful!
Visit my shop today:

Thank you!

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