Ecofriendly Jewelry pouch for the holiday

African wax jewelry pouch

Eco gift wrapping

eco gift wrapping

These packages were sent to my customers and i decided to add a listing for the holiday season to offer an ecofriendly gift wrapping option.
I think it’s a great alternative to plastic or paper wrapping because it’s reusable.
My regular gift wrapping is tissue paper with a fabric ribbon.
When i do craft fairs or private sale i use food brown bags with my business card on it.

Packaging for craft fairs

My customers really liked the fact that they could remove my business card and recycled the brown bag.
There are a lot of emotions related to a packaging.
I just think that adding an ecofriendly touch to the packaging was a great idea because of the eco jewelry that you can put in there!
In one of my latest package, i did a little pouch with bubble wrap and inserted it in a regular envelope with the note:Please recycle with a heart…my customer loved it!

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