Why doing eco jewelry?

Eco necklace recycled glass and Raffia palm nut by Fianaturals

Why doing eco jewelry?
Because it is part of my philosophy that everybody can actually do something about environment.
Because we are not gonna wait until it is too late or blame somebody else but ourselves for our actions.
Everything is connected :every little leaf ,seeds,animals on this planet are linked.
I have hope that people can understand what an eco friendly product means for our planet.

If i produce a piece of jewelry and the seeds that i am using will biodegrade in the environment without leaving any negative impact then i am following my philosophy.
You don’t need to be sophisticated to be green :JUST MAKE IT HAPPEN.

To explain more about my beads:Why is glass greener that other materials?
Because first the glass beads i used are made from recycled old bottles of soda and beer and you do not need too much energy to make glass so recycled glass beads from Krobo region in Ghana are a perfect example of what everybody should do to reduce waste and consumption of energy.

I enjoy doing unique,handmade,sustainable and green creations.