Urban organic gardening

This was the beginning of my roof top garden in early spring.

Roof top garden in early spring

Roof top garden in early spring

And i recycled a bamboo room divider to make it safe for my children.
I used recycled yogurt,coffee containers as pots to plant my seeds.

Recycled Bamboo room divider and shades found in the street

Recycled bamboo covered with morning glory

Pine cone garland

The view from my roof top

i used organic soil and an organic fertilizer called BioLive (www.downtoearthdistributors.com).
It is a blend of fish bone meal and beneficial bacteria and micorrhizal fungi to stimulate rooting,plant vigor and consistent growth.
I notice that the morning glories attract beneficial insects like bees and i loved observing them!

But i also got other insect and i found out about this caterpillar and i discover it was from the moth called sphinx…that caterpillar ate all my tomatoes…!
So i had to cut a branch of tomatoe to remove the caterpillar because it was holding so tight!
I put it in an other garden next to my house.
More pictures of my flowers now.
With my Calendula i did a homemade ointment by simply dipping my fresh harvested flowers in extra virgin olive oil.
I got the seeds of wild cosmos at a workshop about butterfly gardening in the Bronx.

I really enjoy my roof top garden this year and would like to do better next year because i got mildiou
on my tomatoes ,white flies on my cucumbers.
If you never try to grow your own food it’s never to late to try.
I did it with my neighbour so ask a friend,family or anybody to help you do a roof top garden.
It’s fun and relaxing!

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